Saturday, October 18, 2008

I tend to ramble

It was a whim that got me started on this blog. I already have two on MySpace, home to hootchies, and I have yet to join the ranks on Facebook, though I don't know if I ever will. Facebook is the hot trend right now and I'm not one for hot trends. I just like to gab, bitch, moan, whine, rant and stand on a few soapboxes now and then. I'm not a good writer and I don't pretend to be. I don't proofread what I write...ever. I don't try to act like an intellectual and write all flowery-like. I just simply say what's on my mind.

What is on my mind, anyway? My husband's eye, my son's non-stop growing up, my insane cats and their need to jump into the toliet during the 1.34 minutes that the lid is up during the day, the election, boobies, trees and tattoos. I have no attention span and usually think of 387857389735687372 things at one time. If you were to sit next to me while I'm online, you'd see that I usually have a minimum of 6 or 7 windows open. I simply can't wait patiently for that 13 seconds while a page is loading. I have to read something else. As an adult, I have been told by a few healthcare folk that I am so classicly ADD. How boring. Everyone had ADD these days and I don't like to be everyone. I think we're overdiagnosed for many things as a society. What would I do with an ADD diagnosis anyway? Medicate? No. I'm one of those alternative healing folks anyway. Focus my attention on something? Ha.

Anything I write tends to be rambling with no real point. I find it funny that there are folks out there who love to tell you "how to" blog. As if you have to fit into some formulaic category. Write what you want and how you want. If people read it and like it: yay. If people read it an don't like it: oh well and yay. If people never read it: at least you exercise your brain and empty your thoughts for yourself. Yay. I'm sure our grandkids will find the thought of blogging hilarious and uncool anyway.

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