Sunday, January 26, 2014

365 Feminist Selfie: Week 3 of Embracing My Selfie

Holy Shit, it's cold again
 What up, y'all?

Here we are, into the third week of me snapping daily shots of my beautiful self for the world to enjoy as part of the #365feministselfie challenge.

Once again, if you have missed why I am doing this, please take a moment to read my first post on the subject, Embracing My Selfie. You can also view the previous weeks' posts:

Week One


Week Two

By now, you may realize that I suffer from Chronic Resting Bitch Face Syndrome. It's a real disease, with doctors and medicines and stuff (major bonus high five if you get that quote).

You may have also realized that I have a cool scarf and cool sunglasses. I know.

To the right, you see what happens when I try to duck face it and flash a peace sign. Winter gear, y'all! Not only do I suffer from Chronic Resting Bitch Face Syndrome, I am also unable to make a genuine Duck Face. I almost has the sadz, but not really.

These sunglasses feature heavily in photos of me....not just on this blog, but in "real life." My son picked these out for me. He completely gets my personality and my style. Sadly, the lenses are getting scratched.

This was taking during a omgitssofuckingcoldoutbutweneedtogetoutofthishouseandintosomefreshair walk in the park with my kids. We just bundle up in about five or six layers and take a twenty minute walk through the woods, which is typically very peaceful as there aren't many people braving walks in frigid weather.

I've noticed that there is some sort of trend among a certain subset of bloggers where they post photos of their fancy dancy customized planners. This is a fact that I mocked just a wee bit on my Facebook page. And I'm mocking it again.

Behold, here is my hand, adorned by a ring I got on clearance for $1.97 at Old Navy, holding a pen I stole from work 2 years ago - it's definitely not monogramed - writing out choreography notes from my belly dance teacher in a notepad that was on clearance for $0.84 cents at Target.

I dance a form of belly dance called Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS). It's largely improve, hence the name, and moves are determined by subtle cues between the dancers.

Every now and then, we do choreography. We have a show coming up and I'll be dancing in a short choreographed piece with fellow students and my teacher. Thankfully, she typed out notes. I need them.

Did I mention that it's pretty fucking cold? Therefore, I do not want to get out of bed. I love my happy, cozy, flannel sheets.

I don't always look this glamorous, but when I do, I'm drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals.

It makes my uterus happy.

P.S. That mug is from Ikea. It's adorbs and I love it. Love it. Simple little mugs make me happy. It's the little things.

Rare sighting. This is something I just don't do often enough. I just love, love, love to read. I wish I did it more often.

This is Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. It's a book about a young girl in 1960's Georgia. I'm halfway through and I'm finding it absolutely charming. That is the extent of my book review skills.

This is a library book. It's overdue. Apparently, I suffer from a condition that makes it impossible for me to get my books back to the library on time. I practically feel like a felon.

Why, yes, I am on Goodreads. I rarely update it, and I am not great at writing book reviews. I use it to keep track of books I want to read, thanks to the nifty barcode scanner on their Android app.

I love bees. However, it's really fucking cold, so there are no bees outside right now. I have to settle for cuddling my son's pillow pet.

Our planet needs bees. Please do not squash them. Please plant flowers that will attract them.

If you like bees and would like to make one out of a toilet paper roll, check out my crafty little blog post right here. It's pretty much the only crafty thing I've done. 

I love bees so much that I will eventually get a tattoo of one. Dedication.

Once again, we're down another week full of 7 photos of moi, wonderful moi. Tune in next week face.

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