Friday, January 10, 2014

365 Feminist Selfie: Week One Of Embracing My Selfie

I know, right?
If you didn't catch the "why" behind my reasons for doing this, have a peek at my previous blog post on the subject. It's a quickie, so it won't hurt.

This marks my first week doing a selfie a day for the #365feministselfiechallenge. Do I have anything awe-inspiring to tell you? Eh...not really. Have I reached that deep center of myself where I realize I am truly beautiful on the inside and out and am in a perpetual state of nirvana and bliss? Nah. Buuuuuuut.....I did take a bunch of pictures of my face and I'm uploading them all for you right now. Has it been difficult? A little. I'm rocking some break outs this week that would normally keep me from popping out a selfie, but I'm honest and I'm going to do this honestly. You get to see me, zits and all. I have also learned that I really love my giant, fluffy, rainbow scarf. No, I didn't make it. That was a gift.

Are these selfies a "cry for help" yet? Hell to the no. If anything, I'm having fun giving the virtual finger to that ridiculous Jezebel article that I won't bother linking here.

So, enjoy.

And before we step further. All of these images are copyright. If, for any reason at all, you steal pictures og my gorgeous little face, I will hunt you down and cut a bitch. Namaste.

My Week in My Face:

Fun story - I was about to rock out with my self out and decided to turn and get the Christmas tree in the background. You know, so it'd look all festive and shit. Whilst turning, I lost my balance and fell off the couch. This is me, after my ass hit the floor.

This is Seamus? Do you remember Seamus? I wrote about him when he was younger. He has a complex. He's sweet, cute, and funny.....and he thinks he can get away with shit because he took on a car at 5 weeks of age, had his intestines thrust into his chest cavity, had emergency surgery to repair his diaphragmatic hernia, and lived to tell the tale.

He's a kind and patient little kitty cat, but he gets in so much trouble.

He also likes to be in pictures. Say hello to Seamus.

Obviously I'm not asleep. Otherwise, how would I take pictures of myself? I have done some freaky shit with my phone when I dozed off, though. This week, I dozed off while checking my weather app to see how frozen my ass would be the next day. I dozed off while still on that app, but when I snapped awake a few minutes later, I ended up with my friend's Facebook cover photo as my phone wallpaper. I have skills.

This is a picture of my face making a black and white. That makes it arty.

Those fish decals are supposed to be "Easily removable" from my bathroom door. Nothing short of a nuclear holocaust will get them to peel off. This is sad because the door needs to be replaced and I'll lose my fishy stickers.

Obviously, my cats are all about getting in on the selfie action. This is Duncan. He's 9 years old and he is my first cat. I have had him since he was 24 hours old. I bottle fed him (in public!!), potty learned him, co-slept, responded to his cries in the middle of the night. Total kitty attachment parenting. Everyone told me hand raised cats are assholes. He's a sweet little man, not an asshole. Most of the time.

And that concludes this weeks 365feministselfie thang. 51 more weeks of my face to go. Much love!

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