Saturday, January 18, 2014

365 Feminist Selfie: Week Two of Embracing My Selfie

Post car crying blotchiness
Hey ho! The second week of taking daily selfies of myself has come and gone.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please take time to read Embracing My Selfie to find out why I'm doing this and check out week one's photos as well. You know, if ya want.

I have to say, fuck my skin. That's what I got out of this week. We're experiencing a bit of a financial rough patch. This means that I do not eat as well as normal and I can't even buy the cheap items to make my homemade skin treatments. It blows. My skin blows. It is rebelling in a most unjust way. So, looks like I have to buckle down and accept it and allow myself to post photos of me looking

Don't mind the demon eye blur. I took this in the dark and nearly blinded myself with the flash. Don't do that. Just capturing a very rare night nursing cuddle. My little girl is quickly jogging down the road to fully weaning. It breaks my heart. It's all too quick.

Because who doesn't blow soap bubbles at their phone?

Belly dance class!

I know you're thinking it - because people have said it. "Wait, you said you're struggling? How can you afford to pay for a belly dance class?" Hint: I didn't pay.

This class is my sanity saver. It does wonders for my spirit and my mental health. Improvisational Tribal Style, y'all! Yip!

P.S. I'm reading class notes that my friend typed up. Because she rocks hardcore. Love.Her.

I wear glasses. In the car. When it rains.

There he is again. Seamus. I worked for about 30 minutes this way. He would not move. I would pick him up, put him down, and he would jump right back up. I gave up and let him stay there. He purred the entire time.

We were watching poprn.

Just kidding.


Obviously not. If so, my right hand wouldn't be visible. JUST KIDDING.

I insulted a fan on my Facebook page this past week. Totes unintentional, but it happened. Therefore, an asshole am I.

Another week bites the dust. Onward to next week and 7 more gloriously gorgeous photos of the most beautiful Funky Little EarthChild.

P.S. I have been oil pulling while writing this post. May as well knock out two challenges at once. I'm efficient.

Much love!!!!

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