Thursday, February 13, 2014

365 Feminist Selfie: Weeks 4 and 5 of Embracing My Selfie

Here we are again. Okay, we're here kinda late. I am way late on updating my selfie posts. I had some technical trouble on the blogspot end. It was having a heart attack when I tried to upload photos and move them around. It wouldn't save. It was a mess. And then I was busy. So, I skipped to weeks.

Have no fear! I still took a selfie everyday and I'll be sharing them in this post. I won't post all of the ones from those two weeks, just because I don't want to blow up your computer with an image heavy post. So, these are the highlights.

These selfies have been sad because I'm realizing I don't like many of my pictures due to my skin. I had been doing so well when I had the money to mix my own concoctions, eat well, and remain a little less stressed. Life has been very hard lately, money is not existent. Between the stress, the inability to make my homemade stuff, and the inability to eat a clean diet, my skin and my overall health has been a complete wreck. But......I'm honest. The pics you see of me are me. No filters. No play.

Smiling and happy because the sun was out. Me and Winter, while I respect the change of the seasons, do not mix well. I am a Leo. The Sun is mine. I am solar-powered. Countless days of cold and gloom really get to me. I'm sure I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. This Winter has been particularly difficult because it's been constant snow storms. I like the snow somewhat. It's pretty. It's fun to play in. I love that my kids love it and have fun in it. We're often the only ones in our neighborhood that are actually outside playing and sledding, which I find sorta sad. Still, the snow is overkill this Winter and has had a negative effect on our already dismal financial situation as it disrupts my husband's jobs. We've lost over $1,000 - probably close to $2,000 due to snow. So, fuck snow.

Additionally, this is one of my favorite sweaters. I was given a NY&Co gift certificate this Christmas and got this sweater on super duper sale.

You'll notice that I'm almost always wearing the same things. I tend to rotate between three shirts for lounging around the house.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but I'm finishing up a book. Behind me are my super awesome curtains. I love color. Lots of color makes me very happy.

Waiting for my husband while he runs into the grocery store. My reflection on my car window.

There is zero reason for this other than I thought it looked cool.

And now blogspot is being an asshole again and will not let me type this next to my photo. Asshole. Anyway, just pretty me. My super fine and thin hair, right there.

This is really annoying that it will no longer let me format in my way. Smudging away! That was for Imbolc. I smudge my house on all important dates of the year. All the Sabbats, all season changes, whenever I feel the need, and when I do a big cleaning or decluttering. Since I'm in the midst of another decluttering spree and it was Imbolc, a nice sage smudging was in order. 

Since I have been over-stressed and not eating as well, I have suspected that my thyroid has been feeling like shit. I monitor my basal temps throughout the day. They are shitty. Generally, sitting under 97.60 can indicate thyroid stress. I've typically been in the 96.00 range. This temp, 97.2somthing was one of my highest. 

Thus wraps up another post for the #365feministselfie challenge. If you'd like to see my other posts on the subject, check out these links.

And for the original post by Viva La Feminista that inspired it, check here:

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