Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pulling My Teeth: Update

Thanks for the coconut oil, Erica.
Just a little bit late here.

As I promised in my original post on oil pulling, I did it for 30 days. I typically oil pulled in the morning, though there were some days when it was so hectic that I forgot and would do it later in the afternoon or the evening. I may have skipped a day. I forget.

I surprised myself in that I was able to let the solid oil melt in my mouth, something that had gagged me during previous attempts. I would place the spoonful of solid coconut oil in my cheek and allow it to melt - took about 30 seconds - without gagging. Score!

So, did it make my teeth all fancy and clean? Are my gums healthier? Does my body feel so much better? Did it heal a bunch of ailments? Are my cavities gone?

Well, for one, oil pulling certainly left my teeth feeling very nice and smooth. That feeling would last for a little bit and was enjoyable - similar to the feeling you get after a cleaning at the dentist.

As for healing my gums, improving oral health or overall health - FAIL. There is zero noticeable change in my gums since beginning this routine. My gums bled just as much on day 30 as they did on day 1. Absolutely not a trace of improvement whatsoever. My overall health? Same. I don't feel any worse, other than massive exhaustion, and I do not feel any better.

I stopped oil pulling right on day 30. Why? I lost two fillings. Two motherfucking fillings are gone. This is sometimes noted as a "side effect" of oil pulling and you'll hear various reasons ranging from the fact that all that swishing will knock a filling out to it's your body's way of detoxing itself. Well, detox away, but I need those fillings. One was the youngest filling in my mouth, on one of my incisors and was comprised of the white filling material (I call it "bonding" which may be an incorrect term).

Since I have very crappy poor people Medicaid dental insurance that doesn't cover many fillings (if at all - and you need to ask permission for them), I cannot risk losing any more. So, I have suspended the oil pulling for the time being.

I wish I could have come back to tell you that it worked, my gums are healed, my teeth are sparkly white, my acne is gone, my poop looks like a Faberge egg, and my nails paint themselves. I'm not going to tell you not to try it. Many people are extremely satisfied with oil pulling and I certainly believe it works for them. Like anything else, what works for one person does not always work for another (a lesson that should be applied to all aspects of life). 


KnittedintheWomb said...

So sorry it didn't work out for you! I'm trying it right now too.

Something you might consider on the dental insurance end is to purchase a "dental discount plan." My husband and I bought one through Aetna last year. This brought the cost of dental procedures down to about half of the "regular" price (still pretty insanely in the heck can they bill $150 for a filling that takes 20 minutes to drill & fill?), and allowed me to keep the dentist that I had started going to in 1995. I tried the Medicaid dentist...and just couldn't trust them. They wanted to do multiple root canals on me, and when I consulted with my trusted dentist, she was aghast, said I didn't need any. And lest you think this was just one Medicaid dentist...I went to another AFTER consulting with my trusted dentist, and told him that my dentist didn't think I needed root canals...and he STILL said I needed root canals! Well 18 months later, I still haven't gotten any root canals, and I'm just fine.

Funky Little Earthchild said...

Hi! I hope it works out for you. A lot of people are definitely satisfied with it.

I have looked into the discount plans. As it stands now, we cant afford any. So, I'm just holding on until our situation gets a lot better and, hopefully, we get good insurance.

Jasim Uddin said...
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