Sunday, April 29, 2012

Craft: Toilet Paper is For the...Bees?

When I walk through the hallways at my son's school, I always see cute little crafty things being displayed outside of class rooms. I always tell myself that we will go home and make these cute little crafty things. Never happens. Until today! A few days ago, I noticed these cute little bees decorating the announcement board outside of a first grade classroom. They were made out of toilet paper and halved paper towel rolls and construction paper. I. Love. Bees. Bees rule. Jenn + Bees = TrueLoveForever. So, of course, I wanted to make this little bee craft with my son. We just finished 10 minutes ago. I am such a good mom that I came online to blog about it.

What you need:

Toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll, cut down the middle to make halves (this will get you two bees)
Construction paper. I used yellow for the body, black for stripes, legs, stinger antennae and eyes, pink for the wings.
Glue or tape

Cut the yellow paper to size and wrap around the toilet paper tube. Glue or tape in a few sections to adhere it to the tube.

Cut black paper into strips and wrap around the tube in the same manner as the yellow paper, gluing and taping as needed to secure it.

  Cut out wings. I cut out two hearts, one a little bigger than the other. I overlapped the hearts end to end and glued them together that way.

Glue or tape wings onto the top of the body. I found that tape holds the wings on better. I was able to glue everything else just fine. Glue legs, stinger and eyes to the body. Voila! You have a bee! Easy.

You can (maybe) see that I had to use tape for the wings.

Happy little bee.

Isn't he cute?


CrunchyClaussenMomma said...

Adorable! We will have to try these!

Funky Little Earthchild said...

Thank you. It's fun, easy and quick!

The White's Family Blog said...

I know what our next homeschool art project with be.

Anonymous said...

I must make one. You know bees are my spirit guide animal ,right?

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