Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flat Butt

My baby is going to have a flat butt. What? What about those squishy little cheeks? They will still be there, just encased in flat diapers for one week. I've decided to take part in Dirty Diaper Laundry's Flats and Handwashing Challenge, which is taking place from May 21st to May 27th this year. Check out the link for the details and other snazzy stuff.

In short, you diaper your baby in flat diapers and handwash them for one week. Part of the purpose is to show that cloth diapering can be very economical,especially for those who don't have the money to shell out nearly $40.00 for one diaper and for those who don't have regular access to a washer and dryer. As I said, take a peek at the above link to see all of Kim's reasons for starting this as well as to find some how-to information as far as finding flats and using them. I just checked out the videos on the different types of folds for flat diapers. Seems pretty darn easy. I think I may be in love with what's known as the "diaper bag fold."

Despite my varied cloth diaper collection, I have never used flats before. My mother used them on me and my two brothers. According to her, they are super duper easy. I own some flats, but I have only used them to stuff pockets in a pinch. I'm excited to give them a try. According to Kim of Dirty Diaper laundry, Ikea sells burp cloths in a pack of 2 for $2.99 and these make wonderful flat diapers. I'm actually going to make a trip over there in a day or two to check them out. I'll grab on pack for now. If I like them, I'll go back for more.

Will you join me in this challenge? During the 7 days of the challenge, I'll be posting a new photo as well as a little write up each day. I'm excited to give this a try.


Big Families Rock said...

Thats a really neat idea

Funky Little Earthchild said...

I've been using the flats for a couple of weeks now and I really like them.

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