Monday, May 14, 2012

Ex-Stream Parenting

I let my baby touch nature. EXTREME!
Well now, we seem to have a controversy of sorts thanks to TIME Magazine and it's latest issue. To be honest, I have yet to read it. I'm so tired of the mommy wars. I'm tired of all the comparisons. I'm tired of  the media taking advantage of these mommy wars to drive up ratings or sell magazines. Is there room for improvement when it comes to the typical American/Western way of parenting? You bet your burp cloths! We're not going to improve anything, though, if we constantly bicker and fight one another. And that's what I have to say about that.

I wanted to share my own extreme parenting photos from this weekend. Not safe for work. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo dog, etc.

Ex-stream nursing. Get it?

I'm obviously trying to make a statement, if you can't tell. I mean, check me out, nursing on some rocks. What else could I be doing? I mean, it's not like I'm simply nursing my baby because she was just plain hungry, right? This is obviously a statement.

Nature has other parenting extremes. Check out this duck and her six ducklings.

Do you think they are ALL hers?

And how about this tadpole?

Some people just let their kids wildly roam the stream. Where are the parents?

And this bee. Look at the bees legs. That's pollen. That pollen can get other flowers pregnant. This bee is participating in flower lovemaking right out there in the open. It's obviously not safe for your children to view. Someone, please think of the children.

Flower porn!

And this doe. Pregnant. Personally, I think it looks like she has at least 4 in there. Is she sure about her dates? Looks a bit big to me.....

I wonder if she'll let me touch her belly.

 I hope this wasn't too traumatizing for you to view. Just pointing out that we can judge anything, no matter how normal and natural it is. And that's just silly.

All photos copyright 2012 JSH/Funky Little EarthChild, not that anyone would want to steal them. All photos were taken with a camera that I don't know how to use properly yet.


Bess said...

Great pictures, great commentary. As per usual. :)

Funky Little Earthchild said...

Thank you!

The images came up way larger than in my draft and blogger will not allow me to alter them. Grrr.

The White's Family Blog said...

Ok, this fucking fabulous!! Pardon my french. But it is so true. The one with the duckelings is SO ME. I always get that... "Are they all yours?". Then the deer, I so get that all the time as well.. "are you sure theres only one?"

Funky Little Earthchild said...

People are so rude! I get a giganto belly when pregnant and I got that comment everyday from about 8 weeks on.

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