Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photos in Five (ish) Minutes: May 8th

Just as I did last week, I asked the fabulous folks on my Facebook Page to come up with some suggestions for photos to take within five minutes. And so they did. And then I did.

Here are the suggestions for this week:

From Melinda - turn to your left and take a picture.

Laurel and Hardy have been hanging out on my desk for 9 years.

Kerry asked for "adorable feet."

 Those little piggies belong to one of my cats, Seamus. It is a miracle that he even sat there for the 5 seconds it took to shoot this picture. Such cute little fuzzy toes!

Adrienne wants to see my smile.

That's my smile when I was four. Do you see what I did there? Look close.

Siobhan requested a picture of "something different outside."

This is a glow in the dark lawn decoration that never glows in the dark because our apartment complex insists on keeping fucking LED lights on everywhere. This never gets the chance to shine at night. It's planting among tons of Vinca and some spiderwort. 

Lisa asks for "baby noses n ears."

This is the result when you attempt a picture of a baby nose.

I had to nurse her to get her to slow down for a moment so I could get an ear shot. Yes...she is nursing in this pic. Oh, the scandal!

Rebecca requested I photograph something that represents how I feel this morning.

That's the Virgin Mary being an awesome mom and letting her Kid pet a deer. I chose this because I look to the Virgin as a guide for being a good and gentle mother. I love this statue because, to me, it represents not only offering her Son to the humans of the world, but also to the animals and all of Creation. God is Nature.  I strive to make sure my children see the divinity of nature and allow them to explore all that the Earth has to offer.

Jesser was brave and asked for a photo of the inside of my fridge.

My local Whole Foods stopped selling heavy cream in a glass bottle from a local dairy, which totally bums me out. This one is still semi-local. I photographed this because I intend to make butter today.

All of these photographs were taken with my super sexy GE x500 on the least fancy semi-automatic setting because I have yet to watch the CD-ROM guide on how to use the super duper fancy settings.


Adrienne said...

Thank you :)
You have a beautiful smile and always have! I truly can't believe someone would call you ugly :(

Anonymous said...

Love what you did with your reflection in that photo! Awesome!

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