Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photos in Five Minutes

I asked the kind folks on my Facebook page to tell me what photos to take in the next five minutes. I was bored. Here are the suggestions, along with the photos.

Veggie plants - requested by Jesser

Well, I don't have veggie plants, but I do have herbs, so I hope these will do. Pictured here are rosemary and peppermint:

 Siobhan said to take a picture outside my window and write a short story about it.

There once was a boy named Monkey
Whose mom was pretty Funky
He loved to feed Birds
Since before he spoke Words
The seed we feed is far from Junky.

I'm so sorry for that. It was the best I could do. My husband is the poet, not me, as you can see.  Those are my bird feeders, which were filled last night for Beltaine. As you can see, one is completely empty. A sweet little deer was seen by my neighbor very early this morning. She had her face all up in my bird feeders and was helping herself to some seeds. She was probably raised by Robins...or something.

Adrienne wanted pictures of Spring flowers.

 These are my newest additions. Purple snapdragons and some Verbena. What is that little blue one in the corner?

Lisa wanted to see my toes. Poor gal. Here they are:

Piss poor turn out, but look what I can do. I want you all to imagine the position I was in the get the picture.

Then Lisa decided baby toes would be cuter:

I agree.

Laura suggested baby toes in the dirt.

Little toes among some just-rained-on pansies in the garden. This was a hard photo to get because the little lady insisted on trying to eat the flowers.

So, there we have it. Some lovely photos taken within five minutes and one stellar little poem. All photos were taken with my DROID X2 phone, primarily because my "real" cameras are in the car and I was plain too lazy to go get them.


The White's Family Blog said...

Wonderful pics. This is my first year growing a peppermint herb.

Anonymous said...

You have lovely feet :)

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