Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flat Butt: Day 6 - The Husband

Doing the origami fold
Day 6 of the 2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry is underway! Today, I am discussing my husband.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I have a distaste for treating dads and men like they are bumbling idiots who would fail at everything if it wasn't for women. I hated the Huggies commercial than implied that fathers suck at diapering and taking care of babies. Yesterday, I wrote a short paragraph at the end of my blog post regarding the implication that men are morons. My husband is not a moron. He is really on board with the idea of the flats challenge. I could be dismissive of him and say he is obviously too stupid to learn how to do flats, so I'll just pad fold some diapers into covers for him and he can apologize for being a man later. However, he isn't too stupid to learn and I actually hate the pad fold because it's useless against poop. The Jo fold can be done in advance and stuffed into a cover for later and it does a better job of containing poo.

Instead of assuming that my husband's Y chromosome left him with an inability to fold diapers, I decided to actually take 5 minutes to teach him a couple of folds - the diaper bag fold and the origami fold. Just like I had to sit and watch videos a few times, my husband sat while I demonstrated the folds and then he took a moment to try it himself and did a mighty fine job. He prefers the origami fold because he likes the way it's folded in the middle. I gave him Boingos and a Snappi. He chose the Boingos because "they look cool," but eventually took them off because he, too, doesn't think they secure the diaper enough. We keep trying those Boingos because we want to like them.

My husband also helped with the handwashing. He normally lifts heavy loads for work and his hands can take the beating involved in wringing diapers out. He benches over 300lbs, so I figured it would be a lot quicker for him to squeeze the water out of my diapers. I was right. What took me quite a few minutes per diaper, only took my husband about a minute - plus, I think he got more water out than I did. The diapers that he squeezed are currently hanging on my drying rack. I am curious to see if they dry quicker than mine since it seems that he was able to express more water from them.

Again - let's hear it for the man.

P.S. Pictured at the top is my sweaty (back from a jog) husband doing the origami fold with an Ikea "burp cloth." Below that is a picture of his lovely arms squeezing the hell out of a Swaddlebees.

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Amanda said...

I hear ya. I especially hate those sitcoms that show the father as a total bumbling idiot. We all have stupid moments but there's not reason to pick on our husbands! Mine is totally on board and has been wringing away--I KNOW he's getting out more water than me!

Funky Little Earthchild said...

Big pet peeve of mine. The diapers the hubby squeezed were dry in just a little over 2 hours!

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